An inverter supports continuous speed control. With 24,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and equipped with ceramic ball bearings this motor is dedicated for high-sophisticated applications. As pneumatical alternative the motor can be used as tool change system.

Engraving with highest accuracy: The 200-W-motor with 50,000 rpm contains speed as well as heating control.

Cardboard, paper, cork, K-line, rubber and other materials can be cutted optimally. That’s how it works: The knife is positioned at the defined cutting point while oscillating at the same time. Thus, you get an ideal cutting quality.

The ideal tool for precise 45° bevel cuts of sandwich board, e.g. Re-Board®, X-Board® or Hexaboard®.

Guarantees the highest level of cutting precision for a wide range of materials.

The tangential knife is particularly suitable for precise processing of membranes (including reflective membranes of high thickness or fluorescent vinyl) and flock materials.


Crushes (grooves) the cardboard in order to create a folding edge when the material is being processed into a carton.

Suitable for all sawing of wood, plasterboard etc. Pivotable from -5° to 90° for mitre cutting and available in 180mm saw blade diameter.


The ideal tool for quick linear cutting of soft and thicker material.

Advantage to milling motors: No tools are required and cutting can be performed at higher speed.