EasyWorker Expert 3220

The expert amongst CNC milling machines with outstanding properties:

  • Vacuum table consisting of a high-quality aluminium board
  • Servo motors increase processing speed
  • Perfect linear guidance plus alumi­nium table board for high-performance stability with regard to torsion resistance and vibration
  • Optimised control with special digital BUS technology
  • Large, convenient working surface perfectly suited for larger standard board sizes and irregular sizes
  • Ideal for use in wood and metal industries
Machine dimension Working area: 3300 x 2000 x 300mm
  Dimension 4200 x 2600 x 1700mm
  Weight 2900 Kg
Technical data Axis resulotion 0,02mm
  Precision of repetition +/- 0,005mm
  Max. speed up to 50.000mm/min
  Guides 30mm Precision linearguides
  Drive Precise rack & pinion drive
  Motors Servo motors
  Vacuumtable Aluminium 2in1 Hybridtable (PVC)
  Controller CNC servo controller
  Data formats G-Code / HPGL
Userterminal Switch cabinet PC, monitor, peripherals
Power supply 3 Phases / 1 Phase 400V / 230V
Optional equipment e.g.: HSD milling motor HF spindle
  mist sprayer oscillating knife
  tangential knife High-quality vacuum technology


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