EasyWorker MasterPro 2516

EasyWorker MasterPro 2516 has been designed especially for working ranges that correspond to the standard  size of printing machines. Normal plate dimensions are covered as well.

This model comprehends two synchronous driven motors at the X-axis.

Your advantage: Also heavy weights can be processed very fast and accurately by the bridge.

Machine dimension Working area: 2600 x 1700 x 300mm
  Dimension 3105 x 2350 x 1700mm
  Weight 1550 Kg
Technical data Axis resulotion 0,02mm
  Precision of repetition +/- 0,005mm
  Max. speed up to 19.000mm/min
  Guides Precision linearguides
  Drive Precise rack & pinion drive
  Motors Stepper motors
  Vacuumtable 2in1 Hybridtable (PVC)
  Controller Stepper controller
  Data formats G-Code / HPGL
Userterminal Switch cabinet PC, monitor, peripherals
Power supply 3 Phases / 1 Phase 400V / 230V
Optional equipment e.g.: HSD milling motor HF spindle
  mist sprayer oscillating knife
  tangential knife High-quality vacuum technology


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